Agency Success Story


Their Success With Duda

Webeden replaced its legacy website builder with Duda to provide its do-it-yourself customers with an easier way to create beautiful, modern sites, increase revenue and reduce customer support requests.

  • 8%
    trial-to-purchase conversion rate achieved
  • A seamless user experience using Duda’s API
  • Decreased support requests

The Opportunity

Webeden is a digital solutions provider that serves as a one-stop-shop providing domains, email and websites to more than 10,000 small businesses throughout the United Kingdom. Despite a long track record of successfully providing the company’s customers with an easy way to create websites for their businesses, Webeden CEO and owner Henry Lewington realized in 2019 that his flash-based legacy website builder needed to be replaced with a future-proof platform that would ensure continued innovation and cutting-edge technology for his customers for years to come.

After evaluating a number of web design platforms, Lewington decided that Duda was the right way forward for Webeden.

Why Duda

“There were three big reasons why Duda’s web design platform stuck out to me over its competitors,” said Lewington. “Firstly, Duda’s user-friendliness was very impressive, especially given the fact that its product suite is tailored for experienced web professionals. After trying out the site builder, I was absolutely sure our clients would be able to build sites quite easily, and access and deploy advanced features they never before had,” he continued.

Lewington points to Duda’s unique features like website personalization and Google Lighthouse optimization as prime examples of the second reason Webeben decided on Duda. “Our customers experience a real difference in their new platform thanks to these kinds of tools and this means we’re able to charge a higher price for our sites, thus increasing our revenue," he stated. Lewington also notes that the quality of Duda’s tools means there is overall less customer support work than with his previous site builder, accounting for dozens of hours per month saved by his team.

The second reason Lewington chose to integrate the Duda platform into Webeden’s service offering was ease of implementation. “The API was very well documented, robust and quite easy to use and our developers found it incredibly useful. Duda’s development support team was also extremely responsive and helpful and the whole integration process was wrapped up in just 6 weeks,” he said.

And thirdly, Lewington stated that Duda’s mission to provide the best tools possible for web professionals looking to scale their businesses meant that Webeden wouldn’t be competing with its platform for the same small business customers. “We really appreciate that Duda’s focus is primarily empowering us and not cannibalizing our customer base. The platform’s extensive white label tools ensure that Webeden’s brand remains front and center for all of our users no matter what part of the platform they’re engaging with,” said Lewington.

The Results

“Since the first month we launched with Duda, we’ve seen an increase in revenue,” said Lewington. “Thanks to our new platform, we know that our customers are receiving a best-in-class product. This means we can charge a premium for our sites as our conversion rate went up. We’re currently averaging above an 8% conversion rate!” he continued.

As Webeden progresses with Duda, Lewington plans to expand the company’s site-building capacity to include a do-it-for-me service, and is expecting to convert upwards of 1,500 new customers in 2020.

“We’re incredibly happy with what the Duda platform has brought to our business and their team has been very helpful in ensuring Webeden has the best and most seamless integration possible,” Lewington said.