Here you can find an exhaustive list of everything our platform can do.

  • Build Websites Faster

    Automate manual processes, such as custom code tweaks, or integrate 3rd party services. This makes adding them to your websites quicker and smoother.

  • Easy Widget Building

    Build new widgets in a matter of hours, not days, using standard HTML, CSS and Javascript. For detailed information on how it works, see the documentation.

  • Custom Widget Editor

    Embed your own settings panel into a widget so that you can connect the widget to your own backend service. This can be used to both configure and display a widget.

  • Customized & Specialized

    Build widgets to meet your specific needs. Integrate external functionality (for example, with an Instagram feed), increase design capabilities (for example., with a timer), and more.

  • Update Seamlessly

    Update widgets within the Widget Builder so the updates don't break existing widgets. This means you don't need to worry about going back and fixing issues on old sites.

  • Consistent Experience

    Your staff and customers will be able to edit the widgets you build with ease, since they are built using Duda's standard UI and input options.