Here you can find an exhaustive list of everything our platform can do.

  • Share Sections

    You and your teammates can build, save and share Sections with Team Sections. You can even save and share full pages that you’ve designed, enabling your entire team to save time and effort.

  • Duplicate Sections

    See a Section that you really like that’s been predesigned by Duda or built by one of your teammates? By duplicating the Section, you can quickly build a new Section based on the design of an existing Section.

  • Team Sections Dashboard

    This dashboard is a collaborative space where you and your teammates can be inspired by Sections built by your team as well as predesigned Sections by Duda. See all of your Sections, duplicate, edit and more.

  • Share Templates

    Save a custom website template that you’ve designed so that you and your teammates can reuse it to build new websites. Use a Duda template to start, customize as you like, and save in My Templates.

  • Widget Sharing

    Built a great widget with the Widget Builder? Share it with your teammates (and your customers) so they can use it in their sites, too.